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How to choose mattress?
2021-01-29 18:10:02


         The development of mattress in China is not too long history, but now it has become an indispensable product in people's lives. In my memory, a child we sleep are hard bed, can have a thick mattress covered, it is very soft and very happy. Now people on the requirements of the sleeping environment greatly improved, which also gave birth to the mattress industry, the emergence of a variety of materials of various types of mattresses. So how to choose mattress?

         1. From the product logo to see mattress pros and cons: any genuine mattress, no matter what type, in the product logo has detailed product information, such as: product name, registered trademark, manufacturing company or manufacturer name, Site, telephone or fax, and some also have a certificate of compliance and credit card. Which registered trademarks, manufacturing companies or manufacturing plant name, the site of the three information on how to choose the most important mattress, the general poor quality of these three kinds of information are more vague.

         2. From the fabric work to determine the mattress quality: In addition to cotton pad, the mountain brown mattress and spring mattress fabric looks very beautiful. Especially the high-quality fabric quilting loose consistent, no obvious folds, floating lines, jumper, and seam, four corners arc symmetry, no exposed edge phenomenon, dental floss straight; and poor fabric most quilting loose inconsistency, or There are floating line, jumper, and seam edge, four corners of the circular arc is not enough, there are exposed edge phenomenon, dental floss is not straight.

         3. From the filler to see the mountain brown mattress true and false: for a mattress, the filler is good or bad how to choose the mattress method must pay attention, because the filler will directly affect the mattress quality. As the mattress is a very real commodity, so the inevitable high cost of production, some unscrupulous businesses in the mattress inside the filling on the fake. Coconut palm pad, linen pad, cardboard mat or plastic foam pad posing as natural mountain brown mattress sale event is common.

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